split w​/​CHARLIExSHEEN (tape will be out soon)

by Topper Harley

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CHARLIExSHEEN (usa) / TOPPERxHARLEY split tape will be out in autumn, 2016. by Flipped Up Records.
Songs recorded at Crippled Fox' practice place by our man, Tamas Szanto, on May 29th.
TopperxHarley got 9 songs in 3.54 minutes!!!


released October 15, 2015



all rights reserved


Topper Harley Budapest, Hungary

vocal - Vic
guitar - Ivan Step
bass - Csirke
drum, vocal - Speedy

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Track Name: Dependent Punk
Dependent Punk

Laughing at your face
Got your state aid you dumb fuck
Holding your hands, of course you got your cash
Love for punk music, don’t bullshit me
You even got a job, working for your money
I’d spit into your face
Get the fuck out of here you fucking stupid cunt
Track Name: Little Man
Little Man

Change in the law
Political ratification
Take all i have
Whatever you need, it’s yours
Please give me more taxes
I want more sanction
I can bear everything
I owe you for life
Track Name: Rage

Running through my head
Screaming in turn
But i’m just smiling
I’m just fucking smiling

I’m holding my rage
Holding ’till i can
Holding ’till i bare
Holding ’till i die

I should be dead by now
I’d have my peace from the everyday’s shit
In peace, relaxed
Track Name: Parasite

Waiting for command
While i’m sitting in a hole
Ready for your war
Your fake country saving war
I’ll do everything not to die and rot here
My life is at stake

While you just
Grow, getting richer of my blood

Fuck your alms
And when i die just send a letter to my family
Throw some coins for them too
You filthy twisted fuck
Track Name: Expectations

Expectations from life
Expectations by fear
Ruins me, consume me
I look around but see nothing
(I wanna move ahead but i stuck here)

Your pressure is constant
Your expectations squeeze my head
But they’ll never be my part
Track Name: Topper Harley Cannot Be a Monk
Topper Harley Cannot Be A Monk

He cannot be a monk
Cos the war and fight burns in his head
He needs to be out there to save his people
Plus there’s Ramada to satisfy his libido
Track Name: Vidám Barakk
Vidám Barakk (Mocskos Putyinnak és összes söpredék talpnyalóinak)

Közelítünk, futunk, rohanunk utánad
Integetve mosolygunk, a kurva anyádat
Egyszer szeretnénk egy hajóba lenni veled
Nem pedig csak a szarod felszedni utánad
Itt jövünk mi, vidáman mosolyogva
Elűzve a kétkedést a kurva anyádba

Ez egy vidám barakk,
Itt mindent szabad
A kezem eltörik, majd kattan a lakat
Ez egy vidám barakk, csak a pofád fogd be, különben beverik, vagy én verem be
Ez egy vidám barakk, csak süssed le a szemed, dobáljanak meg tojással, a sav folyjon rád
Vidám barakkban mindent szabad!
Vidám barakkban mindent szabad!
Track Name: Wasted Times
Wasted Times

It’s not like the other time
It must be good now
Another chance from life
It’ll be good, though i know
I fucked it up, i blew it
Just staring, crying out loud my harms
Track Name: Don't Idealize Hardcore
Don’t Idealize Hardcore

Telling story is one thing
Those understands who lived it
Don’t idealize people, city or bands
Each scene had its circle of friends
Each one of them is history already
No legends, no idols, no illusions